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Discharge Upgrades in Maryland

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The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) comprises intricate laws and regulations. A conviction for a UCMJ violation can put you in prison and ruin your future. If you need help with Discharge Upgrades you must contact the right attorney. R. Davis Younts has been a prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer, so he has considerable experience on both sides of the courtroom.

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Anyone who is accused of a crime under the UCMJ in Maryland may face a court-martial. Courts-martial prosecute service members accused of committing crimes under the UCMJ’s Punitive Articles. Courts-martial follow the procedures and rules used in federal courts. Article 32 of the UCMJ permits a pre-court-martial investigation to determine if there is probable cause to prosecute a suspect for a crime related to Discharge Upgrades. In our country, a court-martial conviction can lead to severe penalties for the defendant.

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We are a law firm that recognizes that every case is part of our client’s story, not just our story. As a JAG officer, R. Davis Younts served as a prosecutor, a military defense attorney, a command legal advisor, and a senior legal advisor to deployed commanders and general officers. He has served as the Chief of the Military Justice Division at the Air Force JAG School. R. Davis Younts earned the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Force Commendation Medal, and he was ranked as the top Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force.

Davis Younts combines the skills of an award-winning trial attorney with his experience as a military officer to provide a thoughtful and strategic defense to active duty service members accused of Discharge Upgrades. If you are charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, need assistance with Discharge Upgrades, or you don’t know what to do, reach out to military defense attorney R. Davis Younts in Maryland – without delay.

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What a Military Lawyer do? 

A military lawyer specializes in legal matters related to the military and its personnel. This includes active-duty service members and veterans. They provide a range of legal services, advice, and representation. These services cover areas such as administrative, civil, criminal, and international law.

Corrections and discharge

Everyone makes mistakes. If you need to have a mistake in your military records corrected, or if you need to have your discharge from the military upgraded in Maryland, UCMJ defense lawyer R. Davis Younts can help.

Leaving the military without an Honorable Discharge significantly diminishes job prospects. They receive no education benefits. Some veterans receive no benefits at all. However, these veterans are not without options. Sometimes, mistakes can be fixed.

Correcting military records is a highly complex process that demands meeting strict deadlines and adhering to specific guidelines. Attorney R. Davis Younts will guide you through the records’ correction process from start to finish in Maryland.

Security Clearance

We assist federal employees, contractors, and military members in Maryland in all stages of the security clearance process. Federal employees, military members, and government contractors must obtain and maintain a security clearance to secure employment and qualify for certain positions and promotions. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of jobs and military positions that require security clearances. The handling of classified documents continues to be an issue that shows up in headlines. Now more than ever, it is imperative for those in the military and involved in federal government work to secure and maintain their security clearances. Currently, there are three primary clearance levels:

  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

The application process, as well as the periodic renewal process, involves extensive and thorough background investigations. These investigations look into personal, financial, and criminal history. Unfortunately, things as minor as traffic offenses or credit card debt can cause an initial issuance or renewal to be denied. Once you secure a clearance, it can be revoked or downgraded at any time upon the emergence of concerns.

Applying for a security clearance demands serious attention, careful planning, and strategic execution. Honesty throughout the application and renewal process is important. Failing to maintain a security clearance can lead to job loss. We offer regular assistance to federal employees, contractors, and military personnel, providing nationwide representation throughout all stages of the security clearance process. Our efforts have successfully enabled numerous clients to retain their clearances. Our attorneys who work in this area have all held clearances and understand the process from professional and personal experience.

Military Religious Freedom & Religious Accommodations.

Military personnel in the United States possess a legal entitlement to request religious accommodation in Maryland. This process involves consulting with their commanding officer, medical provider, chaplain, and at times, a legal advisor. R. Davis Younts, a military religious freedom attorney, is committed to fiercely defending your right to pursue and secure a religious accommodation.

Amid a surge in requests for religious exemptions to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, it is crucial for personnel seeking such exemptions to understand the legal framework and precedents governing religious accommodations within the military.

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